Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Date Pudding Recipe

My sister and I never liked the old fashioned Date Pudding my mother made every Christmas. Date Pudding just couldn't compete with the brightly decorated Santa and Reindeer cookies, rich dense fudge and other holiday treats she made.

After my mother passed away, most family holiday traditions continued but the Date Pudding didn't make the cut. It was too much work chopping all those dates and pecans and just seemed a little bland to our modern tastes.

In cleaning out my mothers recipe box I found the 50 + year old original recipe which was part of a letter from her mother sent from Kentucky when my parents were stationed in Texas. This was written after the first of a series of strokes that would eventually kill my grandmother before she ever held her first and only grandson--me. The former secretary's once proud handwriting is difficult to read; she discusses my impending January birth, relatives who were coming to help her and the frustration my pampered grandfather Charlie was feeling now that he had to do more work around the house. .

I think I understand now why my mother made Date Pudding each year. Those dates and pecans don't take that long to chop. Maybe this year it will go back on the menu.

Here's your recipe also your Xmas. Mighty poor but the best we can do. You'd have done better by letting me buy your Xmas. You'd be surprised what I can do by phone.

Wish you all a very merry Xmas and wish we could be together. Don't know how we'll make it thru but guess somehow. Have Anna this weekend also Ann so things will work out fine.

You don't mention how you're feeling and when you're expecting the baby. If you don't tell me I'll be expecting it the very first day of January.

Gotta go, Daddy is OK. Gripes a lot but you can expect that after never doing anything in his life and all of a sudden have to do it all.




At the request of Gilahi, here is the recipe in a more user friendly view!


½ cup Sugar
½ cup Flour
¼ teaspoon Salt
2 Eggs
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 cup Dates (cut up)
1 cup Pecans
1 tablespoon Cream
1 teaspoon Vanilla

Sift salt, baking powder and flour together, Beat yolks, add sugar and cream, and then add dry ingredients and vanilla, and dates and nuts. Fold in beaten whites of eggs and bake about 30 minutes in a moderate oven in a pan 8 inches square lined with waxed paper. When cool cut in squares and serve with caramel sauce and whip cream. Makes 9 squares


2 cups Brown Sugar
1 ½ cups Water
2 tablespoonfuls Flour
2 tablespoonfuls Butter

Blend sugar and flour together, add water and butter, cook 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...


Gilahi said...

I tend to love all those desserts that used to be considered "poor". Bread pudding, tapioca pudding, rice pudding... Mind if I copy this recipe and give it try? I'll leave out the pecans because I hate pecans.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what recipes we will be leaving to our children. Links to URLs?

Herb of DC said...

Thanks for the comment Gilahi and the email. I'm looking forward to hearing how it turns out.

I am updating the post with the actual recipe now.

Katherine said...

Thanks for posting that. You inspired me to pull out my grandmother's caramels recipe. And to call her and tell her I love her.

LiLu said...

My grandmother makes this horrible "salad." It's about 11 layers alternating of lettuce, peas, chives and mayonnaise. No joke, mayonnaise. It's absolutely vomitous.

But I know I'll miss (complaining about) it when she's gone...