Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa: My Wish List from the Home Trends Catalog

Dearest Santa,

So far my friends haven't fulfilled my Wish List from the Home Trends Catalog. Will you bring these tonight? I promise to be good in 2009 (admittedly 2008 was a disaster).



Holiday Washer/Dryer Cover

Need extra space for Christmas dinner? Reclaim the surface of Your Washer And Dryer With This Mildew-proof Vinyl Appliance Cover. Fits all models and makes. Now you can have that extra work area you always need to fold clothes on, store extra laundry on or serve a buffet dinner for 12. 30"w x 23"d x 36"h.


Save money and eliminate the mess of leftover soap pieces and enjoy your favorite cleanser as liquid soap. Our Liquid Soap Maker converts soap slivers into liquid hand soap. Reusable beads(included) aid to soften soft soap and any remaining pesky hairs. Place one in every bathroom and in your kitchen, too.

I Hate You Eucalyptus Nasal Cones

Snore Less Instantly!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like having two plastic plugs jammed up your nose! Stop snoring, stuffy noses, congestion and dry mouths without drugs or sticky tape. Simply slip these comfortable little rubber cones into your nostrils to enjoy 100 percent more air, less snoring and great sleep! They open airways naturally, are reusable (for up to 6 months) and virtually invisible. Made of FDA approved surgical rubber. Eucalyptus scented. One pair.

You'll Never Shower Alone Bouffant Oversized Pink Shower Cap

You'll never shower alone again! Is your beehive too big for an average shower cap? Do you live in Baltimore? This stylish Shower Cap, with its adorable heart, lip and words of love in many languages print, looks lovely on anyone. Oversized design - one size fits all. Cotton with elasticized waterproof lining

TMI Thursday Terry Cloth Toilet Seat Cover

Add comfort, warmth and potential TMI Thursday posts to bathroom visits! Home Trends soft, terrycloth toilet seat cover is treated with an antibacterial agent that won’t wash out. Our Toilet Seat Cover provides you with cozy comfort and protection in the bathroom. Home Trends Cozy Covers stretch to fit standard size toilet seats. Made with acrylic terrycloth weave, and elastic all around for a smooth, snug fit. Imported.

Show Off Toilet Tank Caddy

Your 401K may have been flushed away (HA!) but you can still show off your remaining assets to family and guests. This handy 3-in-1 Toilet Caddy organizes your bathroom instantly. Keep up to 4 rolls of toilet paper in the side holder, store magazines at your fingertips as well as tissues, lotions, etc. on the top shelf. No tool assembly. Chrome plated steel and plastic. 18 x 7 x 16 inches.

Not from the catalog but just to enjoy...

"Jingle Bells" (Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians)

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LiLu said...

That terry-cloth toilet cover is FANTASTIC. A real must have!