Friday, December 5, 2008

Inaugural Volunteer Opportunities, Sonny and Cher and Captain Kangaroo!

Still don't have tickets to an OFFICIAL INAUGURAL BALL? Worried that you won't get in to any of Oprah's shows she is taping at the Kennedy Center? Why not volunteer for the Presidential Inaugural Committee? Sign up here now.

To the person who anonymously emailed me taking me to task for presenting YouTube clips without explaining their deep meaning to me and my blog, I submit for you "Sonny and Cher Christmas Medley" featuring Chastity Bono, Bernadette Peters and Captain Kangaroo.

I am posting this because

1. I like Christmas
2. I like Sonny and Cher
3. The thought of Cher and Captain Kangaroo together makes me giggle
4. People like you who send anonymous emails are asses.

There I said "ass" on my blog and I wasn't discussing farm animals, a live action manager scene or TMI Thursday.

It's the spirit of the season!


This just in: Colombian pop star Shakira will be performing at the inaugural celebration. JessiCub is ecstatic.


Gilahi said...

How could you have not mentioned Bernadette Peters? That would have garnered you all sorts of hits from people doing Google searches.

lacochran said...

Is that Elijah Blue?


Katherine said...

I've got to stop watching these videos at work. I always snort my drink onto my keyboard and IT is getting annoyed by constant requests to "clean off the sticky."