Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 Home

Results: Day 1 Home Sick in Bed

1. I enjoy a really bad Jerry Springer. Even when well.

2. I love the old lady in the new IKEA commercials. Sadly I can't find her on YouTube yet. I did discover Lady Gaga though.

3. Cloris Leachman complained at the Mary Tyler Moore Show reunion on Oprah that she and Valerie Harper weren't in the final episode of the series. Valerie had to remind her that they were in it just not in the final scene. Cloris didn't seem convinced. Priceless!

4. Within minutes of me being on Oprah.com yesterday, ticket information was posted for her DC shows and all tickets were gone within minutes. Who are these people with nothing to do but hang on Oprah's site all day?

5. There are still liquor stores pharmacies that deliver.

6. Barbara Walters has no sense of humor.

7. I have all sorts of stories from yesterday to share on TMI Thursday if I weren't so repressed and have issues about talking about Number One and Number Two. Especially Number Two.

8. Pizza Hut Bacon Mac N Cheese could use more bacon.

9. I am leading on a scammer on CraigsList. He claims to be in the military and is stationed in Iraq/Afghanistan. Uhm...really? Both countries?

10. There is nothing better than a marathon of "The Beverly Hillbillies" Christmas episodes.


lacochran said...

I work with someone who logged onto the Oprah website every day for FOUR YEARS explaining why she should be in the studio audience and requesting tickets. After four years, she got two tickets. She flew herself out there and Oprah didn't even give her a car. Just a book.

That's messed up.

Katherine said...

Everything is better with bacon. And more bacon = more better.

Get well!

Titania said...

Getting better? Cabin fever yet? the zoo stationed in the bed with you?