Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If It Is December We Need a Little Osmonds Now!

How is it possible that it is December when I still have all these flippin' pumpkins around the house? Look for an "Eat Me" post soon.

Regardless, if you ignore the piles of decaying orange orbs covering every free surface, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. While you were out Black Friday shopping, we were getting the tree and ornaments out of the basement. And by "we" I mean JessiCub my personal assistant, photographer and resident couch surfer.

On Saturday after a couple of trips to Home Rule to purchase the above ornaments, the tree was mostly decorated. And by "mostly" decorated I mean minus two of the above ornaments that were broken by me and demon bourbon but blamed on JessiCub. "You were walking too loudly!"

Oh I forgot to mention that before putting the tree up we had to switch the furniture between the living room and the dining room to provide optimal tree viewing space. And by "we" I mean JessiCub while I supervised and offered helpful suggestions like "Put the chair where I had it for Christmas 2006" or "I said move it a smidge not a smudge!" and "Watch out for that pumpkin!"

By the way, JessiCub has spent the last two days looking for a real job. Some people just can't handle the stress of the holidays!

Kicking off the holidys, how about some love for the Osmond Brothers singing, dancing and ice skating?

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