Monday, September 8, 2008

This Blog Is Not About Hookers or Losing My Virginity at the Bunny Ranch!

Really Google, stop delivering all the hooker searches to my blog. This week alone:

lost my virginity at the bunny ranch
hookers with their feet on the car window caught on tape
Nevada brothel costs? -gas -fuel hooker
hooker porn star pics ppt
tape on hooker
DC brothel

So cease and desist, okay?


Gilahi said...

OK, so that's two things this blog is not about. A few million more of those and we can narrow down what it is about.

Bob said...

Umm, I'm not fully knowledgeable in the ways of blog-dom, but won't mentioning those things on your blog draw even more searches of such things- just sayin'... Ohhhh, maybe that's the point- I get it.

Esther said...

All of a sudden I'm glad that my blog spam has been thus far been limited to gambling sites.