Monday, November 17, 2008

Dearest Mammy... Much, Much Love Whimpy!

From a package of 20 vintage postcards I purchased for $1 at a church rummage sale.

A serviceman (Whimpy/Jack/John) writes from Southeast Asia to his mother (Mammy/Mother/Mrs. E.B. Walker) in Chevy Chase, MD at the height of the Vietnam War.

May 1967: "Hi Mammy-I have a conference in Washington soon and will see you before long. Get strong! XXOO Whimpy"

June 1967: "Dearest Mammy...So glad to get your card that Lily Mae wrote for you...I have my leave orders and will see you soon! Much Love Whimpy"

July 1967: "Dearest Mammy-Finally caught up on my work and already planning my next leave home with you. Your late afternoon dizzy periods will soon get better. Next time we go to a Chinese restaurant! Much love Whimpy!"

Dec. 1967: (Mother has a new address) "Dearest Mother-Miss you very much!... XX Jack"

Feb 1968: "Dearest Mother-I think you will enjoy seeing this beautiful picture...Much Love! XX Whimpy"

October 1968: "Dearest Mother I am three days late in writing....but a long letter soon. Much love XXOO Jack"

The last postcard in the series.

Nov 5, 1968:(Election Day, Nixon defeats Humphrey) "Dearest Mammy - I am listening to the election. Seems to be very close. Mailed you a Christmas present and am going to try and come home. XXOO Much, Much Love Whimpy."

Names: Jack Walker, Col John W. Walker, Whimpy Walker, Mrs E.B Walker, Art and Eva, Lily Mae, Jony, Art Sweberg, Nancy, Jean O

Address: 4007 Underwood St, Chevy Chase, MD


Gilahi said...

This is pretty darn cool. Thanks.

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Hi Herb,

I just saw a comment you posted on PoP's blog. I live in DC and volunteered in Florida for the campaign. Can you shoot me an email when you get a chance?
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Let me know how much you get for your living room. I'm one block from the U Street Metro too and would love to rent my bedroom or living room out but am wondering how much to post for.

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