Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cindy Brady/Obama Connection Revealed!

What happened? I woke up and suddenly I am older than the president-elect!

From the Washington Post, here are some other "firsts" related to age that the elite liberal mainstream media suppressed until after the election:

First president too young to have gone to Woodstock.

First president too young to have been drafted.

First president younger than Caroline Kennedy.

First president younger than almost all of the "Brady Bunch" (he's 10 days older than Cindy).

First first lady too young to have voted for Jimmy Carter.

First first lady to graduate from high school in the 1980s.

First first lady younger than 60 percent of the stars of "The Breakfast Club."

First first lady younger than Madonna.

1 comment:

Gilahi said...

OK, I was aware that for the first time the president was going to be younger than me, but now you have no right to complain about my holiday shopping posts being painful to you.