Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi! Love to All, Whimpy (The 1957 Prequel)

The prequel to yesterday's post, the first postcard in the series from Whimpy in January 1957 to Col. and Mrs E.B. Walker.

So how did these wonderful postcards end up in a church rummage sale in a bag labelled "APO Posted Cards ASIA $1"? Are there any family members remaining who would be interested in them?

"Hi! I am returning to Korea after a wonderful seven days with Art and Eva for 4 days, Tokyo 3 days. It was grand. Love to All, Whimpy."


Katherine said...

I love them. And now I am insisting that everybody call my Whimpy.

LiLu said...

Don't listen to her! Her nickname is KATERTOT.