Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 22, 1963

I was home sick from school. My mother and I were watching "As the World Turns" on CBS when the first bulletin interrupted with news that bullets had been fired at President Kennedy's motorcade.

Thanks to YouTube I can view these bulletins again and despite being 5 yrs old at the time I still remember most of them.

The Avon lady dropped by after it had been confirmed that Kennedy was dead and my mother told her the shocking news. She left immediately in tears.

The next day Friday, all schools were closed as part of a national day of mourning. My sister and I roller skated in the basement before we went to a special service at our Methodist Church.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching the black and white coverage up to and including the State Funeral.

Later my mother purchased as a keepsake the assassination issue of "Life Magazine" which is still in the family. I remember being surprised to see the events also took place in color. Still though, when I think back on these terrible days the images are all in black and white.


lacochran said...
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lacochran said...

I was born in 1962 so I have no memory of this. Still, I've heard about it all my life.

I am amazed to see that footage still exists and that YouTube (bless them) has it. Astounding.

What a professional Walter Cronkite was. Even as he's dealing with his own emotion, he relays the terrible news.

Thanks for sharing.

Gilahi said...

I was 6 years old when this happened. I can remember not understanding the complete import of what was taking place, but it was my first exposure to real-life violence, and everyone around me was horribly upset. I ended up bursting into tears as well.

LiLu said...

I love hearing people's "Where Were You When" stories. After September 11th, I finally have one of my own.


I wish I didn't.