Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Blues with Skippy the Licensed Therapist

My weekly appointment with Skippy the Licensed Therapist pretty much follows the same script.

We discuss:

1. My Tenant who pays rent yet never takes out trash
2. The Other Tenant who sleeps on a couch in exchange for walking the dogs and light chores
3. The unwalked dogs, incomplete light chores and piles of trash bags left in the kitchen
4. My deep and angst ridden blog and why I don’t give Skippy the URL
5. Skippy’s kitchen renovation
6. My boss
7. Skippy’s upcoming vacation
8. The Big Humanitarian Non-Profit
9. Skippy’s kitchen renovation
10. 1993
11. “The View”
12. Skippy
13. Moral deficiencies of mutual acquaintances
14. Skippy’s partner
15. My leaky roof
16. Skippy's kitchen renovation
17. My alleged "Problem"
18. Wrap-up and My Pledge to Try Harder
19. The status of my out-of-network reimbursement from Don’tCareFirstBlueCrossBlueShield.

This week I switched it up by revealing how depressed I am now that the election is over.


Massive soul crushing "don't bother to take the little blue pill and am I too old to go Goth?" depression.

I thought I would be happy now since in general I am pleased with the election results. Plus:

No more coming home to hear Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann blathering about who has the bigger man crush for Barack on the All Obama Network.

No more channel surfing past Bill O’Reilly screaming about socialism, Keith Olbermann or the ladies of "The View."

No more pretending at the Big Humanitarian Non-Profit gym that I am listening to my non-functioning iPod when I am really watching the ladies of “The View” on the overhead TV go at it gato a gato.

"So Skippy" I asked, "Why am I so blue?"

I looked up and there he was with his head nodding up and down and lightly snoring.

I should have kept to the script.

Update 11/06/08

Apparently others feel the same.


Scenic Wheaton said...

Maybe you need Politics Anonymous. I feel pretty down too...

lacochran said...

Maybe you're not as committed to Skippy's kitchen renovation as you should be.

lacochran said...

You might (or might not) appreciate this: